Pahn, as you'll see from my posts, I'm leaving not in \"angsty rage\" but from careful consideration.

I will put up with fighting and military defeats, and enjoy similar successes, but the reason I come here is because of the people I get to interact with. Enemy or friend, it is they who make this land.

You, Dunccan, Sajora, and so many others are just very unpleasant in that regard.

You don't respect your opponents whether in victory or defeat, you see opposing someone and insulting them as part of the same \"game\". Well it's not the one I want to play.

I'm fed up of hearing myself and my friends called cunt, whore, bitch, worthless, pathetic and so many other pleasant things. It's not that it's happened once or twice and I'm oversensitive. I've endured and largely ignored it for months. It's the fact that it's constant, nasty, and it says a lot about who YOU are.

No I am not \"caused pain in the other realm\" but I do find being here just plain unpleasant because I have to deal with you.

My historical enemies, people like Zakath, Threap, Zenichiro, Arthor, Plaman and others, they had some sense of wit, style, and respect - you could engage with them in anything from heated arguments to light banter or serious neutral discussion. I look at the times when they were my enemies (even though they were often feared enemies) with pleasure because interacting with them was enjoyable.

Interacting with you and your ilk is not enjoyable (even when I defeat you), so I am leaving to do other things which will be.


Written by my hand on the 12th of Skyelong, in the year 1155.