Sajora's 'quotes'.

Corsair Abydos, Essence of Furyto Everyone

Just so that the rest of Avalon understands the big difference between my quotes and Sajora's

quotes -- Sajora's are TELLS! In which case anything can be made up. Mine are of bulletin

board quotes which cannot be altered.

You as the reader can either believe her quotes are authentic or not. Mine, however, are beyond

dispute. In a court of law this is known as the 'my word versus his' tactic that judges

always dismiss as they are too weak to serve as actual solid evidence. Welcome to school,


Perhaps you should let an actual Justice follower take your place now since they are the supposed


Abydos, Prosecutor of the Fedaykindergarten

Written by my hand on the 9th of Skyelong, in the year 1155.