None Needed.

Brute numbers and force...

Krill I remember just a couple of weeks ago when we were defending the Marshtown SOI blocker legions that it was just pretty much Dunccan and Myself with a touch of August vs you and Narissa with a touch of Mithandril. You both got shipped down to newborn levels. Previous to that it was Pahn, Myself, and Carmaris vs You, Narissa, Fizzy, and Mithrandil. Shipped to newborn yet again.

I would jump Narissa outside of the city on my own many times and 80% of the time you would come at her nagging or on your own to do a 2 on 1 vs me. You used to jump me all time shortly after I became a SD citizen and before I started taking the fights to a more aggressive level saying well I can jump whoever I want. Yes you can but please don't try to act like this pure and divine knight of absolute holyness harshly casting stones at the evil that is the paladins.

If you want to talk about superior numbers you talk about fights against those half your size and smaller being yanked up into the rooftops into binding traps and as you have seen its quite difficult to defend against both a jj and a stab. It's one or the other but not both unless you can use mobility to your advantage and split them up.

You've always been a hypocrite as well as the rest of Parrius. You were never cut out for leadership and had fun being a puppet to Narissa's insistent nagging. I enjoyed how she would cuss you out and call you a moron as she was shipping during your trips into Springdale. Never had any guts to take a stand on anything of importance and let psychopaths like Abydos who were a cancer to your city and drove off some promising parrians remain a citizen just so you could have (fighters).

The members of Springdale all dealt with harsh times and the ones you see active now are the ones who dealt with their cities being razed, teamed, stripped, and all that fun stuff. Nobody quit. You lost some soi..... and you quit and throw a hissy fit. Bravo

Now Zakath and Plaman want to piss on the fun that was the Thakria of old and make it into another Parrius where people are confused on their roles and nothing gets done. Can't wait to see the results.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Paglost, in the year 1155.