And you...

You are proud you drive people away?

God knows you have claimed responsibility for it many times.

That isn't the game you should be playing, man. It's not what any of us who claim to fight for the good side of the land should aim for. That's the point.

How many times do I need to tell you this, good is about your actions, it's about behaving better than your enemies, otherwise you're just an opposing evil.

I have been at war with every city in the land except Parrius and all the time I've tried to keep my principles, and I believe by and large I have succeeded.

You had principles once, now you're a thug. You claim your enemies do bad things? that's NO excuse for being an evil bastard. I've avoided it, you don't even try.

We all make slips, let anger get the better of us, you have let your anger consume you.

Maybe you could learn to play it well, but you just come across as a bit deranged, with your barely-comprehensible posts, your rampant unchecked arrogance, your constantly-changing view of history.

Let me quickly correct a few of the points of fact you've got wrong recently.

First, when I left avalon previously, Parrius was in the best of health, I left on good terms for my own reasons.

Secondly, your supposed steadfast resolve in the face of enmity? When Parrius was strong a couple of months ago you logged on frequently but just hid in temple. Is that standing uncowed?

For heaven's sake that wasn't even too unbalanced, really it was just two or three Parrian fighters and you always had more than us, you were just all a bit rubbish.

We took your SOI through superior tactics, with fewer people from our city than you had online. Your city had so failed to train your fighters on troops that most couldn't even understand how to try and stop us, even in theory.

We came and invaded your city and fought in stave forests against larger numbers, usually one or two against three or more, they were *good* fights, by which I mean we often died because we enjoyed pitting ourselves against challenging odds.

We in Parrius had forged a powerful force from relatively few citizens by training our young and fighting well together. I'm proud of what we achieved and you can only try and imitate us by copying our tactics and our victory posts. But what we achieved with skill, you achieved with brute force and numbers.

But you and your city have driven people away, savour your victory Dunccan, in the end it's pretty meaningless you have just spoiled things for a lot of people.

I count among my achievements military victory, political leadership, knowledge of many parts of the land you'd probably get lost in. I have trained fighters, loved passionately, revived the city of pirates, brought the long night tumbling down from the skies. I'm proud of this and I'm proud to have done it without losing my principles.

I go now not defeated, just sad that a land that once had camaraderie between fighters, even opponents, has come to this.


Written by my hand on the 30th of Springflower, in the year 1155.