fair challenge.

Kal Zakathto Sa-Fedaykin Pahn, Blades of Night

Whilst I have the upmost respect for your ability as a fighter, I must

object to they way you think it is fair to fight a challenge whilst under

the protection of painting from summon.

Your assertion that you had a spirit cloak up the whole time may or may not

be valid but it does not negate the possibility that I would remove your spirit

cloak at some point and thus be able to summon you, as indeed you were able to summon me.

In the spirit of a challenge I believe it to be unfair and indeed told you so, your

attitude however was distinctly arrogant and Springdale like as you believed it

fair and proper for you to keep this defence.

Perhaps if there were a credible way to remove ranger summon from a foe then it

would indeed be a valid defence, but for now it certainly is not.


Written by my hand on the 3rd of Mournsend, in the year 1155.