and Dunccan.

Two sides to every story actually. The discussion we had involved just as many insults to me as it did to you, but that's

not the point really. In the end we agreed to act fairly to one another. So far, I have kept my end of the bargain whereas

your citizens have not -- go figure. And regarding my patterns, the ones you see are the ones you make up: Zenichiro

I'm sure has had a lot of influence on you regarding the ability to post untruths. If I have such a big history of

fighting a challenge only to kill steeds, shatter potions and drain charges, then where is your proof of such things?

You certainly never watch any of my challenges nor do you ever engage in a mutual one with me. So how exactly is what you

say relevant at all? Are we all just supposed to take your word for it? That's just propaganda spreading. And besides,

if the person I offer a challenge to doesn't offer one back and stays behind the protection of a team, then expect me to

take out any advantage you possibly may have be it steed or not. I am so sick and tired of you all complaining about things

that have the most absurdly easy defenses to. You don't like your steed killed? Get steedarmour! You don't like your

potions shattered! Find out the rune that prevents that and put it on them! You don't like getting uncharged? Then stand

there like a complete idiot and let me do it instead of moving away from me. Or you can actually make it a mutual challenge

and I would not do that.

So quit YOUR bitching Sajora. Everytime I have you even close to dying you run away to your guild faster than I can fly

to the clouds. You and I are a fairly even match, yet you'll never have the bravery of fighting me one on one.

Will you? When the streets of Parrius are empty and I'm the only fighter on, will you answer my challenges? I believe

your actions show that you won't and would rather resort to childish teaming.

Teaming is a part of Avalon but its for babies. If you team, you're a baby who can't handle things on his own or would

rather just annoy people and be a jerk about everything, which are inherently 'BAD' characteristics. Mephisto intoned

last night why everyone thinks Springdale is 'evil' just because they are doing well. And this is no disrespect to Mephisto,

but from my point of view, doing 'well' does not equate itself with acting childishly. Grow up, Springdale. Show some

style and some grace when you are on top of things. Otherwise you're just another city full of annoying brats.

And Dunccan - keep posting the way you've been posting. It shows your true colors.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Midwinter, in the year 1155.