my post.

I didn't post it so you could grade it, Mister Krill.

Furthermore, those specific reasons you mentioned do not fly with me. Teaming is teaming, and while you old farts disagree with that, that is the fact. In other words, everyone in Avalon does it, we all have been doing it, we all will continue to do it until otherwise enforced. Challenge or duel will allow you to avoid it, of course.

But then again, as Narissa pointed out to me, I am a kid and not experienced with the \"old\" ways of Avalon. So next time should the Parrians need to be encouraged not to come to back to Springdale for ANY \"specific reason,\" Ill make sure to ask a Craftmaster to go along, not to add to the team, but to find a Parrian stave and fell it. That will justify it all, correct?

And speaking of Narissa, when she began sending tells to me about how she shouldnt be teamed, because she never does, and that if you, and other Parrians team us, we should team you back, but not her, because she doesnt team.....sorry this is a bit convoluted, as I am trying to piece this together for a point:

I immediately replied back to her that if the barony of Parrius and Springdale wanted to have a meeting to discuss the teaming situation and ways to diffuse the extremities of it, I would be open to it.

That particular tell was ignored and eventually I was told that I was not open to any discussions about the situation and she turned her tells off.

It just seemed to me that Narissa was not open to solving the situation, but indeed just wanting to be able to avoid it for herself.

So from that, I say this : If indeed there is a problem, you need to address it in the most efficient way. Bemoaning \"why me?? \" will only get you so far.

But what do I know? I am just a kid.

Over and out,

August, Kid Springdale

Written by my hand on the 27th of Agamnion, in the year 1154.