decency and fair play.

I attacked four parrians yesterday by myself and killed all of them, killing many more times

than I died -- even artecspirit came in to help you all using the claim \"They're in my order\"

armsmash artecspirit excuse to continue fighting me in an already 'unfair' team. Yet I ENJOY when you all resort

to teaming me because I know in the end, when it matters most, I will be the more prepared and

the more worthy of taking you all on myself.

You simply feed my fire and give me strength to battle impossible odds which will eventually

change me into a fighting juggernaut the likes of which a rare few can emulate. So continue

fighting me and other parrians in teams -- I do so encourage it. When they utterly destroy you

in one on one battles or tests of survival, you will understand the unstoppable forces you

have created, and with awakened remorse always during a time when you are at your weakest


inevitable valley that follows your current peak.

The Lords of the Black Galleon shall ever set sail upon you.


Written by my hand on the 14th of Agamnion, in the year 1154.