Il-Fedaykin Dunccan, The Troop Whispererto Everyone

So far i've only seen people whining about artec who are if not his size, certainly not real novices.

Lysaer you don't count, you'd easily be Artec's size by now, Vaash, you might not strip but you sure like pushing around people, behind bloodlust.

Lucifer Laugh if I get my hands on you i'm gona take everything I can. In retribution for blown up swords, killed mounts, stolen runes, teaming, guild breaking in, warfare assistance to other cities, etc. etc. etc.

Overall, you guys are whining over \"stripping\" losing some poisons, maybe some potions or a couple pouches, I bet, that all of you put together havn't lost what Zeni has taken from just me.

I'm all for an Avalon with no stripping and such, definately, I've tried this before, I would stop, Zeni would get pissed off at someone half his size, lock him in a closed room and go to town.

That is the reality, if you don't like it, kick zeni out of your city and fight him wherever he goes, because what you are bitching at Artec for is done, and has been done by your citizens for centuries.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Ilmarael, in the year 1154.