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Shirolos feb is powerful. too bad i cant do SHIT ALL ORDERS WITH IT AS STAB HAS UNBALANCE ON THE ENEMY! Think about your idiocy before you try to show someone up. Most young people can buy a deaf rune easy as hell. most young people can use kelventari. most young people can RUN AWAY. as per completely stripping someone, never done that alone, and only ever done it once. Mainly i strip potions, keys, occasional box, armour/chainmail or pouch. an anchor rune, intolerance trigger, deafness, running, smoki

ng of megillos, tied pack... LEARN. and dont whine to me about stripping. Threap TRULY stripped me 100% (and i do mean every single item on me) when iw as stupid enough to go afk in treetops. And theres been plenty of times that thakrians have teamed to smelt, shatter, kill steeds, or try harm my items in any way possible

Learn frmo your mistakes, all of you. protect your items properally. learn defence. older people - teach defence.

Shai-hulud Artecspirit, Amused by Thakrian Idiocy

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Ilmarael, in the year 1154.