Have I ever denied that I can be cruel and dark when the situation deems it so? I doubt it. Growing up in Mercinae me and my peers who were somewhat small were left to defend ourselves when our older and more passive leaders couldn't find it within their hearts to leave their stock rooms to protect the very commodities that were being stolen by those stylish Tharkians that Plaman mentioned. Though currently I don't really see how running to sewers and prompting logging off the second an enemy comes to

you is stylish.

My goal has always been to give those who like to dish out evil to the more innocent a taste of their own medicine. Unfortunately do to my lack of skills and timing I haven't been able to accomplish this as effectively as until recently. Others such as yourself choose to stay DP or hide in one room locations behind your rituals, posting complaints on the BB or try to suck up to the cities of indifference rather then fighting back and getting aggressive.

If me or the other fighters of Springdale are able to keep the attack on the other large aggressive fighters of other cities and keep them away from our youth so they can be spared a bit of the stress then I'll happily be a wolf in sheep's clothing. My actions may be cruel but there is always a bottom line reason for them.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Midsummer, in the year 1154.