Final decision?.

As it happens, there has been no final decision - it was made unnecesary by the completion of the flagging in the subsequent month.

Essentially, your city messed up, cried \"Bug! \", got it changed briefly, and then it was changed back. Zakath knows his warfare well and has every right to comment. In the end when we were discussing whether or not the decision should stand, the question was one of fact, not warfare rules.

Nobody - not the god in question, nor the petitioner from Springdale - queried the long-standing rule of warfare that a single legion should stand unchallenged for a full avalon month.

As for this being a constantly changing world, I agree, and I enjoy the changes because they give people who are quick on the uptake advantages over those who take a long time to understand warfare (without pointing at any springdalian paladins in particular)


Written by my hand on the 15th of Skyelong, in the year 1154.