Kal Zakathto Sa-Fedaykin Pahn, Blades of Night

If the situation were reversed and Parrius had messed up the flagging and

tried to get the gods to fix it, India and I would be saying exactly the same


As third parties to this, we hold an objectivity that people involved just do not

hold, unless they are truly rational and honest.

At the end of the day, Springdale achieved her objectives so the final result is

the same regardless about how it was achieved, however I believe springdale should

graciously accept she was wrong about the warfare rather than doggedly refusing to

believe they made a mistake. In the end it is an academic question only since you have

already flagged.

On another point, do not think that because you are the 'in form' figher from the city

of the most 'in form' fighters (Currently) that you can therefore force others not

to voice their opinions. You will find that path impossible, the truth will not be

covered by bullyboy tactics.

I'd suggest that Springdale should refrain from threatening and killing India quite yet.

You may find that you are not quite as all powerful as you feel you are if their 'in form'

fighters in the guises of Maverick, Thamior, and Artecspirit decide to fight back. after all

is it not rumoured that the repulsion of the pirate hoardes was not due to their efforts?

Springdale have emerged from this spat, victorious militarily and on the battlefield, however

the battle for hearts and minds is slipping. The rational citizen will start to realise what

is propaganda, what is suppression of free speech and once that happens perhaps things will



Written by my hand on the 14th of Skyelong, in the year 1154.