India and the other haters.

If I wouldn't have known better it would seem it was India's personal SOI we were taking.

Why care so much what happens with Springdale and Parrius oh unbiased Mercinae citizen? Why cry foul at the heavens when we were made to wait the extra day (which wasn't a problem as the Parrian forces proved to not be much in the way of adversaries) to flag our locations? Whatever the Gods allowed Springdale to flag prematurely was taken away and we obtained the SOI anyway. When will you join Parrius so you can cheerleader properly?

Makes me long for the next guild league where I can slaughter you without a care in the world again.

And Plaman shall we take a peek into your SOI losses as of late? Oh yes you'll blame it on Mercdale or whatever other 1000 excuses you tend to use after a failure. You two should join Parrius in the we like to spam the BB to sulk at Springdale club. Its membership is growing daily!

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Skyelong, in the year 1154.