skills and the rest of you.

i'm not complaining, and yes, certain people are more experienced than others. all i'm saying is like in Elmak's case. constant battery by one larger isn't called for. it doesn't take long to achieve two ultimates. one who shows up, takes the time, gets two ultimates isn't overly experienced in the realm, it can rather quickly.

it makes it difficult to learn ones skills and spar with your those your own range if when you lose protection you're constantly attacked and shipped by those much larger. i also agree with not complaining about it unless it happens repeatedly, in which case sadism comes to mind. though i don't think that should be your answer to every problem either, the young need some of those setbacks the olders give them. while the olders don't need to do them repeatedly everytime said young person is not protecte



Written by my hand on the 21st of Mournsend, in the year 1154.