Try the truth sometime.

Oh, dear, did you even read the posts about LW's being killed? And for truth, did you do a search on 'has been slain by' in your log of the mentioned battle?

You could of course ask Denisse who has killed her, or ask a friendly diety to check the deathlogs I am sure they have at their fingertips.

Facts, my dear FACTS! are that I did not kill Denisse or any other LW. The event you talk about was me chasing Dinamoria (oh, gasp, not an lw, and wow! my peer) who sat in Room of stars playing with a stone. Upon seeing me, she almost choked in her pill back to her hidey hole in temple. I then calmly made my way to my favorite pub in SD (cant help I like sleazy bars). After inviting the lovely prophetess over to drink a glass with me, treating her on a yarl, she suddenly was 'called away' and retracted

ghostily to bb. At which point you had to put your ugly nose in my affairs.

THOSE are the facts...

Written by my hand on the 6th of Eleuthral, in the year 1154.