Stripping and killing steeds.

My dear, perhaps if you ever engaged in a mutual challenge with myself or any of your

citizens, your claim of me stripping and killing steeds in challenges may very well be

factual. However, since you all love to cower behind city staves, attack me straight out of

the bulletin board, attach leaf runes to my weapons upon your incessant double resik stabbings,

kill my steeds and offer them, align with the likes of Zenichiro just to see my death,

then avoid helping Gayle and Denzeldash when Zenichiro slays them,..... my God...

Why am I bothering replying to someone like you.

Precious moments of my life wasted. I have learned a very valuable lesson. It won't happen


Best wishes,

Abydos, Essence of Fury

Written by my hand on the 29th of Midwinter, in the year 1154.