Lw death.

in response to your post I say that I had absolutely no idea that he was a lw, not until after, I don't realy care for fighting people below me, but in the heat of battle things that usually don't happen normally do occur. As you stated before there was alot of people there, and I had no time to check who was a threat and who was not.

Uwoiame I just felt to respond your post alittle, I do think vargo knows that I had no idea of his size, but he just wanted a chance to sling some insults my way, but I don't realy care for those, if he feels so small here and the only way to look big is to open his big mouth, then let him. he is pathetic. and all that does the same is aswell.

The Magi

Written by my hand on the 16th of Midwinter, in the year 1154.