and Dunccan.

Two days late but you still need the last word.

I'm not going to argue facts since it's your word against mine and other than Dunccan who thinks your post \"rings true\" despite being basically inactive these days, nobody wants to hear this argument go back and forth.

I'd just ask why you think you were able to kill Narissa in \"under a minute\" after a challenge which had lasted a long while with deaths on both sides... and yes, you did spit kaskamak.

Dunccan, the challenge was ongoing when I froze... so it did not guarantee a shipride, and as Pahn would remind you, I didn't ship him or even try to ship him after winning our challenge.

Perhaps Narissa's unicorn blocked Pahn once during the challenge, it might have done so because Pahn actually JJ'd Narissa who was just standing watching. Hardly one of the \"ancient rules\" of challenges, no?

I really don't know who you think your rules are aimed at; at no point is anyone suggesting anyone broke these rules. Pahn did not ask Narissa to leave or stop watching, though he did randomly JJ her as I said before.

Maybe you don't hold by this extra \"rule\" of challenges, but I would hope most people can also avoid slaying of mounts (or at least, offering them when slain) and stripping during challenges.


Written by my hand on the 7th of Midwinter, in the year 1154.