pahn's supposed misinformation.

It takes 1 minute for kaskamak to kill. You telling me she sat there for 1 minute without doing anything?

Freezing upon rebirth, I learnt this little trick from you, seeing as I have skills to counter it I don't mind it and I can say it all but assures a ship ride on an oponent. Not something you do in a challenge I wouldn't think.

Narissa following around during a mutual challenge with other people, If I see it, i'll attack her steeds and kill them. Then I'll kill her. If you team me during a challenge you will not be able to fight another challenge without me adding MY blade to the fray.

Pahn's post rings as true. As for whatever ooc things you may or may not discuss know that narissa is always the first to talk about the other world.

Avalon doesn't revolve around your sordid little love story. Your feelings or hers (or lack there of) do not superimpose the ancient rules that we have followed. Not edicts, not laws, but stuff we all agreed on, and I will remind it to you in the next post.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Midwinter, in the year 1154.