And Krill.

So, I log on today to get some fighting in before heading out. I nab a few kills til Krill gets called in. He \"mysteriously\" appears and starts fighting me. I still nab some kills and evade the annoyance that is a bandit/knight team. I am outgunned, so I figure I'll challenge.

What happens?

That's right, Narissa bring along her eagle and unicorn to a fight between myself and Krill. Her unicorn stops me from pursuing Krill on several occasions. Then she comes along with Krill and gets me locked in a room with her eagle still attacking me from an earlier jj by me. Teaming (though to a lesser degree) number one.

I issue a challenge to Narissa. She accepts. We fight some, I die, she dies a few olvars. The monent she ghosts, I mean the VERY second she is ghosted, what do I get?

I get Krill, the beacon of light and goodness, bashing the living shit out of me. He dies, I lay the bodies next to each other so as to pay my respects to the fallen married couple.

What is this greeted with? Narissa throwing tantrum number (however many, I'm bored) 10 accusing me of not being able to separate between realms... And Krill, at the same time mind you, blabbering on about something mythical like Narissas connection (which was fine btw as she was fighting back the entire time).

My point is, you two (Krill and Narissa) are pathetic. I remember fondly the days people fought for the sake of fighting. Not the WIN AT ANY COST lameness that you two employ.

Give you a sterling example. Shortly after this event, I espy Zakath bashing my allies, the dwarves. I engage him in combat immediately. Its a hard fought battle, we go back and forth, heated emotions flying. He falls. Then I fall.

What does he do? Instead of spitting filth at me like the pair of you (Krill and Narissa), he compliments my performance with limited skills and bathes my battered corpse.

Why oh why don't people just fight anymore? Good clean fighting fun without the lame ass unfairness.


Written by my hand on the 21st of Leaflost, in the year 1153.