You're an odd one.

Perhaps you should try reading my posts, rather than skimming them.

I merely made a comparison to Dunccan's current posting style to

the style that Kes employed from the days I wandered the land at

the same time as he. I certainly didn't add or detract anything from

either party, but that you seem to think so really speaks volumes

about your levels of self-delusion.

As for Narissa, she's a citymate, and cities generally stand with

their fellows. Beyond that, I seek nothing more than to ensure that

Parrius is prosperous. I have neither desire nor motivation to please

her beyond any other reason than helping Parrius pleases her, as it

should any Parrian citizen.

Finally, as for questioning our manhood, I assure you that I am quite

secure in it, and my soul is also very much intact.

Carry on, then, with your mental demons.


Written by my hand on the 24th of Mournsend, in the year 1153.