Hypothetically Speaking.

Hypothetically speaking, in the situation where someone far attacked you and ordered you to smelt a rune, is teaming. I'd still say it is more the ordering you to smelt the rune than the bonding however, unless the seer uses the bonds at a later date.

Again, hypothetically speaking, if when the hypothetical seer is asked about removing the hypothetical bonds and he does so, then the net result of the hypothetical team is zero. Adding to the hypothetical situation, that the hypothetical seer saw two folk including, hypothetically, someone your size and shape with someone else your size attacking another hypothetical someone half both of your sizes.

Now adding in, just for fun, a third hypothetical party from a mage profession projecting rituals that can't be visible to the hypothetical seer. If when asked afterwards about the three of them attacking you and the hypothetical seer removed bonds taken during that fight, would that be considered reasonable? Or would the total of your sizes be taken into account? Assuming that the hypothetical seer is in fact your size that would be 2 and her farbonding. Should the seer remove the bonds as they might have been considered fairly taken?

Personally I think I'm becoming more and more of a relic.

Cheers, Cordon

Written by my hand on the 12th of Hindyear, in the year 1151.