The number of "Last Posts to You" Posts.

I laugh at the number of \"This is my last post to you\" posts. Why I've most likely seen Belgadeth post 4-5 diffrent postings with such a line in either the subject or in the body of the message. I wouldn't even be susprised if Belgadeth has posted multiple \"Last Posts\" to one person.

Note, this doesn't just apply to Belgadeth or just this section, I've seen piles of \"Last Post to You\" by many diffrent people, and on diffrent sections.

And oh, if your gonna bring up the fact that this has nothing to do with me, well your right. It has nothing to do with me. But isn't that why we post things on a publically readable bulletin board? I mean, if it was private, then shouldn't we constrain that to messages? If you don't want a reply from anybody, then keep it off the BB.

- Elmak

Written by my hand on the 14th of Leaflost, in the year 1148.