The last word.

Since you are extremely bias about this and sticking up for Aja in a most

undignified manner, the rest of Avalon can see the rangers for what they

really are... NO different than the brigands which you sought to destroy.

I am well awake the entire time I am panning in my lord's temple. As an

alchemist, we need many gold nuggets so that is my reason for staying in one

spot for so long. Not that it should even matter to you. That 'whole world

out there' that you think I have not stepped into yet is hysterical to me.

You have no idea the effort I put into my city, nor my loyalty and unwavering

defense of it. Perhaps that is why I am the Field Marshall, an aide to

every governmental position, and a Baron of Mercinae.

What else is interesting is how you said to me at the beginning of all this,

that if Aja doesn't stop her harassment of mercinae and Springdale, you would

remove her from the guild -- yet I still see MUCH harassment going on and no

ousting... in fact, clearly the opposite. You lied to me, you took advantage

of Mercinae for your own selfish reasons to raze the Brigands, and then you

turned around and slapped me in the face when one of your delicate guildmates

slapped me in mine first.

This is about respect and knowing when to appreciate others that stick their

necks out for you. You'll learn that lesson the very difficult way, which

is fine by me.

I am through you,

Now go rot in the woods so your carcass may feed the actual worthwhile life

growing there.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Springflower, in the year 1148.