Ajato Abydos, Essence of Fury

Funny how you, like Springdale, picked a fight and want to whine about how \"sick of my shit\" you are. Well, to that I say that thought should have run through your warped little mind before you started up with me. Your asinine behaviour is what got us to this point. YOU jumped me outside of the city then enemied me because I didn't want to hear your lunatic ravings and I put you on etells. YOU jumped me in my temple.

YOU bit off more than you care to try and swallow then have the audacity to \"Abydos says, \"How about I ask a nice deity to fuck you up for me\" when your silly threats and posturing don't work. I may not be a great fighter. I never claimed to be. But I can kill you when you're not bringing friends or a herd of cccs with you.

Yes, I am indeed a bitch. I am the evil, psycho bitch from hell all of those morons that start up with me say I am. You, just like Laslow and Springdale, will never know a moments peace. Win or lose, I'm going to stalk you til I'm bored with it. Now whine to which ever god you want. That won't stop me either

Nekkid and Loving It,


Written by my hand on the 12th of Springflower, in the year 1148.