get a bib.

Again Belgadeth, accept that you a) ran to a temple during a challenge, b) bb'd

not once, but twice during the melee, c) rolled one location at a time to the

pool of life to avoid your impending death (unsuccesffuly i might add), and d)

then got your furry but handed to you by Sajora not once, not twice, but three times

and then died once to her with the aide of my singular jj.

As for Aja, im sure if she was inclined she'd hand you your ass on a platter as


Oh and don't drag out the old HONOUR bit with me. Anyone who cowers, bbs and flees

to a temple DURING a challenge deserves absolutely no mercy in my book. Beyond the

fact that you know nothing about honour, let me just inform you of this fact of your

pathetic existence. I will show you absolutely no honour as you have, by your

history of foul language, sadism, and now unmitigated cowardice earned any. Besides,

I don't like you which is reason enough for me to treat you with disdain. At least

now, courtesy of Sajora's log, all of Avalon can enjoy your absolute stupidy and


Written by my hand on the 1st of Springflower, in the year 1148.