Grasping air.

As a military strategist, I am sorry to say that the razing of your guild

was completely preventable. The rangers took advantage of that window of

opportunity and deserve a bit of credit. I hate to be the one to point

out gaps in the brigands' defense, but any guild based out in the wild runs

with it the opportunity for attack from anyone you piss off. You ran the

risk of having your guild razed long before it actually was and smiled

smugly to yourself thinking it was not going to happen. You prepared for

the worst rather foolishly and overconfidently.

So to see you take out your anger on little rangers who had very little to

do with the actual razing of your guild makes your situation that much more

lacking in sympathy.

The events that lead up to Parrius' inability or disinterest in helping

defend your guild speaks volumes of lessons to the open-minded individual.

Your closed, emotionally-driven mind, however, is preventing that growing

opportunity and in the end weakens your opportunity to ensure peace and the

Brigands' guild survival. You've made poor choices and are reaping their

rewards now. Accept defeat with a bit of grace and you may still have yet

the ability to save your guild. Embrace pride and you are through -- and

no amount of killing young rangers will bring it back or satisfy any

superego desires for vengeance.

Take my commentary and advice however you see fit. I expect little


The Essence of Fury

Written by my hand on the 1st of Springflower, in the year 1148.