Idiot Logic.

Oh my, seems you contracted Mojo's system of being quite the little fibber or did he learn it from you? You do have bbing during fights in common.

I_love the rants of how you go you can't kill me! Oh wait you can well You can't do it in a challenge! Wait you can't do it til ghost! You can't do it with your hands tied behind your back! ect ect

The beauty of logs is that it forces guys like who you who are used to their own little world of idiot logic to face their delusions head on. Never have I BB'd on you in the middle of a fight and I challenge you to find one single person in Avalon who I have done that to. This won't happen. Another log I have is me actually yes killing you, alone, just yesterday and to the point of you as a ghost. Remember the Meeting Hall and dying like the running dog that you are near the Woodsmen hut? I would have

tried for the ship had Krill not intercepted me then.

Save your challenge for the loss of Forestry. Those are only for little boys who need to pull out the measuring tape every morning for self assurance. Luckily I don't have this problem.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Cloudburst, in the year 1148.