Your continued idiocy.

Belgadeth I know that the distress you must be feeling is clouding your judgement.

I further know that realizing that your half-rate is a great disappointment to you.

But so that the record is clear, everything Sajora stated was true, and your little

lie about Sajora idling in Springdale for 5 minutes -- even if it were true - does

not entitle you to run to a temple and repeatedly bb during a challenge.

If you did not wish to fight anymore, knowing that you would die to her, then you

needed to only bow your head in shame and retract, then continue to idle in a stock

temple tree or bb.

As for claiming that Sajora won the challene only after i engaged you, this is another

lie. First you ran to the pool, and retracted at that point, to enter the pool

after Sajora killed you to olvar. You then tried to run away from there only to

be met by Sajora again, and she killed you all on her own again. When you resd,

i let you be till you tried to run away - once more, at which point i jjed you once

and Sajora promptly killed you.

I enjoyed every milisecond of that jj.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Cloudburst, in the year 1148.