Something Pathetic.

Today I've had had the misfortune of participating in the most pathetic and cowardly challenge that I've had here in all my years of avalon. It made me miss the days when those who would BB or qq during a fight or even a stripping were mocked and look down upon. Now we have people like Belgadeth who BB during challenges! Not just once but twice all the while shouting about their supposed greatness!

For starters the practice of BBing during a challenge shouldn't be allowed unless the person retracts first. Leaving in the middle of a fight while the other person is fully defenced up and has actually started to use his or herbs supplies is completely rude and disrespectful, though coming from the source I'm not surprised. Not only did this useless piece of life BB once inside of his temple when he returned and saw me waiting for him he BB'd again! Again no retraction to the challenge so his little p

lan of running to cure while hiding behind (protected locations) didn't work. So what safe spot left is there? Why the pool of life! So after I kill him on his return from the second BB and flight from the temple he then slowly rolls his way one spot at a time until he gets to the pool of life.

Of course the usual excuses he'll come up with of me running to SD (To buy new steeds and pipes that he so nicely stole from me during this challenge. What a guy, teaming, (which happened after I killed him twice) and the usual unaware moronic ness. This makes me sad for Avalon. It seems we have this new crop of people who would rather fight with their mouths and cheap tactics then actually have a clean nice spar to test skill upon skill. But I suppose when your one trick tactics are figured out and co

untered you tend to get desperate.

No doubt our furry little moron will try and deny everything said here so for your viewing pleasure I have provided the log unedited at this address. Warning it is vomit inducing.

here at

Written by my hand on the 12th of Cloudburst, in the year 1148.