You're now a lying jackass.

Ajato Sir Laslow, Knight Errant

Stop talking. You're only layering your lies now. Liara was standing right there and you never said or did half of what you claim. Sitting in that dark little room for all these years really has rotted your brain. You have absolutely no grip on reality anymore. Your version of what actually happened is a full of holes as the finest swiss cheese.

You neglected to add that you died a few times as well. Even once by your own hand. Esprii wasn't attacking you, you dolt. You rebounded yarl and \"attacked\" yourself. You also failed to tell everyone how your own citymates cheered me on when you died to me. You are a complete waste of flesh and bone. When you feel up to actually venturing out of Wraith's temple without DP, challenge away, tubby.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Leaflost, in the year 1147.