smaller players.

You need to look at what people say about me, before you just let them shove it down your throat.

Before today, the only smaller players I have attacked in many many many years, are ones that attack me first, or have taunted me for no reason, other than they hear I am a bad person.

Even in the later case, 99 times out of 100, I just ignore it.

As far as me trying to drive people away from the land, I have no desire whatsoever to drive anyone from the land.

I intend solely to have vengeance for the wrongs done to me, this time, an entire guild wronged me, the entire guild will feel my vengeance.

It's really a simple idea to understand.

If my goal was to drive players from the game, who would I have to take my venegeance out on?

If my enemies list was not full constantly every day, I probably would depart for retirement in Azrili, myself.

I tell you what does piss me off though, these older players that I do fight passing on myths and rumors to the young about me. I am hardly sadistic, I rarely steal items, I, in most cases, leave the young alone.

It is only today that I have begun to unleash my wrath on the smaller rangers, and they can blame their guild leaders for it, every time one of the dies, one of the them ships, or one of them cries foul play.

You act as if there is not a reason behind, that I just woke up from my den today, and said, hey, I think I'll kill some young players for a change.

The rangers have earned this, and I shall deliver.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Hindyear, in the year 1147.