I hope you think that hunting our young will cause you to be liked or something because everyone in avalon know that the only reason you are comming after the small weak rangers is because you can't handdle the bigger ones. I myself am only a 1 ult player and thats forestry so unless u consider that \"big\" take your empty threats elsewhere because honistly i really don't care. Like i said in my last post when i get to my house from work i will drop dp and then we can rumble if u want to. I will fight an

ywhere in the woods or in a city dosn't matter much to attacks are still as efficient in both places. orielle thanks for the offer of help but i will be able to handle him and i will learn so much about ranger fighting because at this current time he is a better fighter than me but i am quickly getting up to his level


Written by my hand on the 3rd of Hindyear, in the year 1147.