Why haven't you killed yourselves yet?.

Abydos, Essence of Furyto Everyone

Let's put it this way -- Threap stated in his post that all of us new-age 'whiners' do nothing

but make Avalon into a glorified chat-room. Well explain then why do to Thakria's teaming

has Avalon become nothing but a glorified chatroom for thakrians?

Parrians team, Thakrians team, SD teams, mercinae teams, everybody teams. There is perhaps

one mortal that doesn't team and that's Maud.

So while Thakria and Parrius players are plentiful, the rest of us are dp leaving you guys to

sit around bored chatting to each other. How then is this any different from what Threap

fears the most?

I think you all missed the boat.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Agamnion, in the year 1146.