Temple disrespect.

Abydos, Mystic of Warto Everyone

It has been growing increasingly tiresome to log back onto Avalon only to find my steed(s)

and puppet(s) moved from the location and slain while I am not around. It is perfectly

clear to me that my enemies in Thakria do not respect Malhavok and therefore I shall be

revenging the deaths of them by slaying every Thakrian steed I see and offering them.

Considering Yunera has betrayed Mercinae for completely selfish reasons and the Gods do not

care, I'm sure you can use the animals she stole to good use. If we can't have them back,

you won't be enjoying them either.

Rot in Hell, Thakria

Abydos, Mystic of War

Written by my hand on the 26th of Paglost, in the year 1145.