See how you, like so many other twits here...

like to twist things around to make an argument where there is none?

I cannot say it any more plainly... IF YOU JUMP ME AND RUN TO A TEMPLE, I WILL COME AFTER YOU. I am saying nothing more or less. The people that I followed into their respective \"holy places\" attacked me first. The only people I ever attacked in a temple are those that attack me first, be it by teaming or jumping. Why should I respect anyone's space that won't respect mine or their own? Why should I take it easy on someone

that has nothing better to do with themselves than to jump me or team me? Why should I let someone jump me and get away with it because they ran to a temple? Why should they not expect retribution for their aggressions? How many dozens of time have I been jumped in one of those places I mentioned?

This is indeed about the rampant hypocrisy regarding sacred ground. Don't you dare attempt to chastise me about it when your own ordermates abuse the privilege.


Written by my hand on the 29th of Paglost, in the year 1144.