Top Fighters.

Dartanian, the Depths of Darknessto Everyone

Just a reminder, Avalon has something of a built in system for determining who the best fighters are. Its called the process of ordination. Despite the fact that Avalon went for several years without a competitive ordination and that some never had the opportunity to pursue a gem because of that, it is still an excellent measure of who some of the greatest fighters are. It is interesting to me to note the names that show up the most consistently are those who have won gems, and often won them repeat


My Top Fighters by Profession:

Knight - Orinoko

Mage - Loric - I know that some of the young have questioned how he could still be measured the best mage. He won two gems. I personally saw him handle 8 people by himself and at least 4 of those 8 have been mentioned in these posts. That was after his gems, but it was still impressive.

Sorceror - Threap, with a nod to Huzow who was just too short-lived to qualify for the distinction

Thief - Sturge, sorry Plaman

Loremaster - Zenichiro, though it would be an interesting showdown for it between Kodiak and Zeni each in their prime. I believe Dunccan mentioned Constantine's name. He was not nearly so good as you give him credit for. I would wager that your closeness to him hides your assessment of his abilities

Bard - Babidi, though Culinane definitely deserves mention. Culinane's showdowns with Panaideos were some of the best events Avalon has ever seen. I betray my age there I believe.

Ranger - Wotan. A name I only remember being mentioned once here. Maybe I should apply my own longevity rule from earlier, but I would say that most of what Ender, Pahn and others have brought to return some prowess to the profession, Wotan did first.

Seer - Here I must limit myself to those I have seen. I believe that Blodwyn was the best ever for a MULTITUDE of reasons, but I never got the opportunity to see her fight. That I have seen, the distinction goes to Babidi.

Dartanian, and his two cents worth

Written by my hand on the 11th of Cloudburst, in the year 1144.