And then, Kes.

You sure do know an awful lot about that situation in Thakria, Dunccan. Let me clear up your misunderstandings.

Aryanna, Hanann, and I think one more Mercinean, were teaming my order mates in Thakria. Not once did I attack any Mercinean. Zwartia and Caelred managed to kill Aryanna while the others were not int he location.

I Simply dropped a pyramid rune so they could not enter with ease. Aryanna flipped out, and started smelting my items when I left. I THEN persued her into Mercinae.

She then commenced on smelting more of my items, and of course I slayed her worthless hide then. she repeated the attacks, I repeated the slaying.

As far as you lot and me killing smaller rangers, I killed 2 smaller rangers, albeit no less than 1/4 my size when I did it, for a ranger stripping and trying to kill Keros while he was on the lw list and a member of the Brigands.

You people don't know the situation, you should mind your own damn business.

Aja, as for you, bring the 'tit for tat' any day you foul piece of orc dung. You seem to have a little bit of trouble with me yourself, without a team. *pat*

And Kes, I am not an enemy to Mercinae, nor have I been one for years. I was not enemied when I attacked Aryanna either because not only did she attack me outside of Mercinae, the fled back to its walls.

I have a hunch that the Mercinaens had an idea that she would turn her back on them and leave for the cease pit of a town to the north, and that made the decision to not enemy me even easier.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Midsummer, in the year 1142.