You lie, everything in your post is a lie.

You killed aryanna first because you thought I was playing her, she had done nothing to you, she had been jumping caelred and zwartia while they were trying to bash. You jumped her in mercinae, you killed her, and you wern't enemied for it, and she STILL didn't leave. She then smelted a bunch of your gear, you killed her 2 more times or something and you still wern't enemied you killed her in cassiandora square and she still didn't leave.

You were killing little rangers, you were killing little springdalians, you just lie, you are worthless, and useless you will never ammount to anything, not in your fighting, not for the rest of avalon. You are pathetic, a wretch, a wanabe?? you are worse you think you already are something but will never BE anything.

You are little better than a footnote, bundled up with another score of names of failures. You talk so big on this and other boards, you think people listen to you. Nobody cares Belgy. I'm not going to tell you this again, leave any OOC considerations at the door when treating Aryanna.

Post again if you would, idiot.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Skyelong, in the year 1142.