Share your drugs man.

First and foremost stop speaking out of your ass. You have no idea what went on in Parrius when Chaos 'took over'. Nor why certain folks were ejected.

Second don't for one second ever think any action your pitiful nobody self has ever done has played a part in any decision I make. I was not driven out of Parrius, not even close. In fact if it was being attacked I was worried about why go to Thakria where the Mercinaens and Springdalians pal around to attack us? Stick to what you know, which is twirling your sword instead of shoving your foot in your mouth and trying to speak.

In short I don't know why Orinoko or Ender left the land, though I doubt you had anything to do with it. I myself would still be First Mariner of Parrius if that is what I thought was the path for me.

Beware or next you might hear Dunccan claim to have basnished Lazarus, put Apollo in the heavans and create Genesis to rule over all of us!!



Written by my hand on the 20th of Skyelong, in the year 1140.