Evil and good.

Zenichiro as a PARRIAN stripped me and other mercinaens over and over to the point of making some of them quit, and me hate him. Period.

You did nothing.

Angharad I gave a choice, her stuff in exchange for not helping anymore thakrians, she refused, fine then. Now she will spend her money and time getting stuff for herself instead of Thakria, harsh, yes, fair, also. yes.

Once Parrius signs a treaty worthy of the great city of dreams we will talk about respite. As it stands I don't attack most your citizens unless attacked. Excepting most your leaders ofcourse, i don't even attack you. I assure you that back when I was young many a thakrian said that you were evil because you killed them. That you were a bully, that your actions wern't fair, that you were too big.

I'm also sure posts were made as I recall defending you more than a couple of times. I follow Justice, but I am also a Fedaykin, I take the war to my enemies, you don't want the Fedaykin in your city, then sign a treaty, make peace, msg me that you wish to be considered a non combatant. and STAY out of my way when I got hunt, or fell staves.

I am not a soft man Krill, I am the Executioner, that means I kill criminals, I also recomend if you wish to call me a bullying stripper you consider this, I could summon anyone of your people into a stockroom, like Angharad for example, take all her stuff, spit olvar at her, throw life potions at her, keep her unconcious enjoy her suffering.

Your \"strong\" city under the leadership of Zenichiro did this. You will, Parrius, Continue to recieve my attention and that of the Fedaykin, untill you capitulate, until you stop teaming with thakrians, until you become a city of Good, not free, not neutral, Good, against Evil, against Thakria, if you don't then my war against your fence sitting worthless pathetic and useless burg continues.

And I am tougher than you.


Written by my hand on the 30th of Cloudburst, in the year 1140.