Not to point fingers, but.....

It is not proper retaliation to strip someone of nearly all their belongings for 'helping a Thakrian'. That is down right cold hearted and anything but near the realm of honourable.

Especially when the victim not only is clearly not a fighter, but has never lifted a hand towards you or your town.

I see you try to justify it by, saying well she helped my enemy. But your actions show nothing but cruelty, hate and dishonour. And the even more loathed tact of picking on someone who clearly doesn't know how to stop an experienced fighter loot their goods.

I will even admit I have done this act in haste, but there is not a one time, where I did not feel remorse for my actions, and quickly returned said items to the victim. Assuming this was an innocent bystander that I had attacked.

I think Krill hit it on the head, you should look at your actions, and question them. Everyone has questioned them, maybe its time you did too?

Written by my hand on the 24th of Agamnion, in the year 1139.