Abydos The Enthrallerto Everyone

I actually don't have a problem with the traps or mandrake but then again I'm not dying to

them on a daily basis as perhaps the Springdalians are when they fight all the thieves from


My opinion is that once you are bound, you are dead. You can't do anything except break free

and sit there for 20-30 seconds waiting to break out of it. For the majority of us who don't

have the wonderous skill of immunities, we can't even rely on autowake to defend against

mandrake. Sometimes it wakes us up when stabbed by double mandrake and other times it doesn't.

Its random. And most often then not, getting hit with hyperactivity (triple mandrake attack)

puts you to sleep with no chance of ever waking up.

I think with the amount of mana drain that accompanies autowake, you should be able to resist

sleep completely through double mandrake. Triple mandrake perhaps can be the one time killer

that makes you sleep even with autowake on, since you can only use it once per day.

This way, thieves would actually have to become more versatile and creative in their killing


I would actually like to fight a thief and not be able to predict what they were going to do.

So far it has been mandrake, mandrake, mandrake until finally asleep, bind and yarl.

This makes any thief who has the bind skill an instantly lethal opponent.

Most likely, if this behavior of the thieves continues, eventually no one will challenge

any of them and simply use cheap, dishonourable methods to get revenge. If the thieves are

fine with that, then I guess there is no problem.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Agamnion, in the year 1136.