evil, unfair bandit skills.

Narissato Sa-Fedaykin Pahn, Night Ranger

First, always glad to help you test. If you want to test more, just tell me, and we can do it more constructively, since you seem to be missing a few things I'm doing on my end of things.

First, mandrake isn't as powerful as you claim. Watch when you stab me with double mandrake, as you are fond of doing - when do you get balance, and when do I wake up? Unless you have a special spot that grows stronger mandrake, I wake up before balance is regained - as you will as well, if I doublestab mandrake. So I fail to see the argument about how mandrake is overpowered. Even with atuowake OFF, my targets are awake before I can bind them.

Now, a knight jjing mandrake is much more dangerous, since jj is a faster balance than stab, as I'm sure you've witnessed. If you want to make the time shorter, perhaps have it only apply to professions who can use it to do massive damage before you've awakened? Rather a silly answer, so autowake or consciousness on knights who have lots of mandrake seems a decent solution.

As for traps, I'm hardly going to tell you the answers (although I'm certain other people will, when they see your post), but there are defences to them, as is reasonable. In fact, traps are a bit bugged at the moment, so I'd prefer to see them FIXED, if anything, rather than changed more, since getting hit by my own slayers and such is rather annoying.

Having multiple types of traps, in my opinion, enhances fighting, as it gives me more options to use. Having binding or darts be directional seems to limit options and provide less consistency in fighting - locational traps tend to limit mobility and debilitate the attacker, while directional deal damage or prevent exit.

If you seriously want to test things out, do tell me, but if your \"testing\" consists of jumping me, I will fight for my life and use all the skills available to me, and not have much spare time to explain what I'm doing.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Leaflost, in the year 1136.