Lack of restraint.

As you have stolen from me in my temple of worship while I was having communication difficulties

and promptly attacked me within it not one more day later after I shipped you (having been in

the temple for the entire time you were shipping), I consider any post made by you regarding

restraint from players and the intervention of deities a complete joke.

If it weren't for psychosis-driven rageaholics like yourself, deities wouldn't have to end

up defending the victims, changing skills, or thinking how to make Avalon a more fun place to be.

I expect you to reply saying what a big fat liar I am about all of this. And yet the logs

of both situations as well as witnesses make this a closed case.

You're a dirty pirate, Narissa. I'm glad you left Mercinae, she is much too pure for you.

Your enemy, Abydos

Written by my hand on the 19th of Ilmarael, in the year 1135.