Gems and guild jumping.

Eba-Fedaykin Allanon, Illuminatito Everyone

It's obvious that anyone winning a gem deserves it - having the skill and being able to dedicate

yourself to a gemquest is no mean achievement.

However guild jumping without gems has been a growing trend (one personally I don't agree with)

and this then presents an odd situation when gems are involved.

Full experience of another professions skillset lets you fully understand the potential

this then coupled with changing for either accumulating resources (eg poisons/herbs) or utilising a gem

can in part make for inbalance.

A solution for future maybe would to make people who are contenders in an ordination stick to their

starting profession.

In any event Threap has his gems and may win more (in gemquests based on single combat) so lets speed

up dishing out the other gems and get to the point where all the people Threap has pissed off try and

stop him getting ordained (deja vu) - alas the gems are not going to have such a dramatic effect in

the final sands quest.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Midsummer, in the year 1135.