First you have nerve to whine about the numbers still coming when you had less fighters? I don't recall any quarter being offered my smaller citizens when it was just them around before myself and Koenen showed up. I know warfare blah blah blah and that is why you didn't hear the complaints when Parrians died outnumbered while they valialnt went about the defence of their city. It was warfare.

As for Thakrian involvement let us not forget Springdale is a hated enemy so any chance they get to hurt Springdale they will jump on. That is certainly within their Microcosm. Add to that Lancelot is an order member and coming to help an order member that is outnumbered is certainly within microcosm. Then when Lancelot came to help he was a Thakrian and certainly his fellow citizens would not abandon him to over large numbers. Add to the final fact that some Springdalians were making forays into T

hakria to attack them before they even came to Parrius to aide. No Dunccan I think you are mistaken on another one of your rants, the Thakrians were within their Microcosm and the end result is warfare is a bitch, lots of people get hurt so don't start it as a city if you arn't ready for the backlash that comes with it.



Written by my hand on the 21st of Midsummer, in the year 1132.