Congratulations Blotto, you have entered among the stupidest people I know. First you come to my town as an enemy, and I am killed by Knils. Second I'm not going to whine because I died. I'm going to laugh at your futile attempts to annoy me. You decide to tell me how I should use my skills, then threaten me to never use them on you again. Let me say this again cause I don't think you quite get it yet. You are an enemy to my city and if you come here and just stand around you will be killed. You

got killed... I guess that makes you angry and since you can't take it out on those that killed you, you decide to kill me. I guess it's only natural to want vengeance on someone who image burned you but seriously now... Congrats you killed someone 1/4 your size, I hope that feels good.

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Skyelong, in the year 1132.