Well done you killed some troops with a coordinated marching force and outnumbered your foes. Never been done, oh wait it has been repeated countless times and in much grander fashion so while an ok accomplishment it isn't terribly great in the grand scheme of things so don't pat your back too hard.

I am amazed at you guys. You kill a nice chunck of our troops and you expect us to what smile and say 'Thank You Springdale'? You don't know me well if you didn't predict my reaction to losing troops. I have heard several flimsy reasons for the attack but not the real truth. You had the numbers and the power and you had many just itching to play with troops and have a success for a change so you did it. Much respect to any of you who admit to that truth and drop your half baked excuses that keep c


As for Thakria, I have never made it a secret I still hold many friends in that city. I make it no secret that I am a politician seeking advantages for my city. I see it as an advantage to work with Thakria to keep the warmongers of Springdale away and to hurt the Fedaykin. Hey we also have treaties with Mercinae so does that make us th eir bitch as well? Or is it just a city being smart and reducing its enemies to 1? Time will tell.

Your city threw the gauntlet down attacking troops. So blood for blood. Parrius will play while I am First Mariner and not bow and boot lick to agression to our city while i am First mariner or a captain. So lets have fun shall we!


Written by my hand on the 25th of Eleuthral, in the year 1132.